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With tons of wit and loads of charm, Friend or Frenemy? explores how great friends get us through hard times and dishes out advice about dumping the users, losers, and abusers. Lavinthal and Rozler are sure to get you thinking about friendship as if for the first time—reminding us why our BFFs are often the most important people in our lives.

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Want to let your BFF know how much you love her (or him)? Need to tell your frenemy what you're really thinking? Send them a Friend or Frenemy? e-card!


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You're the Serena to my Blair.

You're my Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sofia.

You're the best nonsexual life partner ever.

I'm glad we're more than Facebook friends.

I have a girl crush on you.

I heart you more than cupcakes.

I'm sorry that I let you wear stirrup pants.

I'm sorry that I let you wear gladiator sandals.

Let's act really enthusiastic about making plans with each another in an attempt to cover up the fact that neither of us cares enough to actually make plans with each other.

This e-card is being sent in lieu of me actually having to talk to you.

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